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Belling 444410742 CookCentre Deluxe 90cm Dual Fuel Professional Range Cooker With Huge 195 Litres Oven Combined Capacity - Stainless Steel
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BELLING 444410742
90cm Freestanding Dual Fuel Range Cooker with 4kW PowerWok, Maxi-Clock, market leading tall oven and Easy-Clean enamel.

Product Information:

90cm range cooker with electric Quad oven technology with 5 gas burners, pan glide cast iron pan supports, large programmable clock and timer & easy clean enamel. Maximum capacity, endless results. Creating as much space as possible. Belling 44410742 model combined 195L capacity ovens give you the versatility of cooking the largest roast and baking desserts for the masses, all at once.

Steam & Infuse
An accessory kit that adds moisture and flavour to your dish turning every meal into a masterpiece. Simply adding water, stock or infused spices to the pot serves to steam from the inside, optimising the taste and texture of your food. All this flavour fast, with an everage reduction in cooking time of 20%.

A large programmable clock and timer, with an easy to read white LED display and simple touch control screen.

Pro-Trac Telescopic Sliders
Effortlessly smooth gliding double extension telescopic shelves slide out to allow safe and easy access to food, without having to reach into the oven. Even if you're using large pans or heavy dishes you can simply baste, turn and season your food with ease. Fully adjustable, they can be moved to whichever shelf position you need.

Easy Clean Enamel
A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface, allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

Quad Oven Technology
Enjoy the flexibility of four ovens with the market leading Quad Oven Technology combining the Proflex Splitter and Equiflow twin fans. The Proflex Spiltter slides into the Tall oven to create two independently sealed ovens when you need it.

Equilflow Fan
The Equiflow Fan evely distributes heat around the full cavity. Naturally resulting in controlled, consistent temperature when cooking.

Pan Glide
Unique raised cast iron pan supports allow pans to glide across the top of the cooker with ease and stability.

Key Features:

  • Five gas hob with flame safety device to cut the gas if a flame goes out
  • Enamel oven interior for easy cleaning
  • Fanned main oven
  • Defrost function to quickly defrost frozen foods
  • Slow cook and dough proving functions
  • Touch control white LED clock/programmer
  • Conventional electric oven & grill in upper cavity

Some of the Cooking Modes

  • Defrost - The fan assists defrosting by circulating room temperature air around the food, it is more hygienic and is done in half the time.
  • Fanned Oven - Distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. Perfect for batch baking.
  • Conventional Oven - This function is ideal for traditional roasting. The meat is placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes towards the top.
  • Top Heat - Use the top oven element towards the end of the cooking, for delicate browning. Great for dishes like lasagne.
  • Base Heat - The base heat can be used to provide additional browning for pizzas, pies and quiche. Use this function towards the end of cooking.
  • Base Heat with Fan - The base element cooks the base of your open pies, while the fan allows the air to circulate around the filling.
  • Intensive Bake - Suitable for food with a high moisture content, such as quiche, bread and cheese cake. It also eliminates the need for baking pastry blind.
  • Fanned Grilling - Circulates heat around the food, making it ideal for thinner foods such as bacon, fish, gammon and steaks.
  • Conventional Grilling - This function cooks food from the top and is ideal for a range of food from toast to steaks. As the whole grill is working you can cook large quantities of food.



  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Multifunction Oven
  • Maxi-Clock - LED touch control programmable timer
  • 1 set of Pro Trac double extension telescopic slider
  • Removable shelf guides
  • Easy clean enamel
  • Accessories: Griddle, wok cradle, grill pan with trivet
  • Cooking burner type: Natural Gas / (LPG convertible)
  • Cast iron pan supports
  • Gas inlet position, rear right (front view)
  • Gas inlet type: 1/2" BSP Female
  • Rated power (kW):
    • Front Left Burner: 2.0kW
    • Rear Left Burner: 1.0kW
    • Front Right Burner: 3.0kW
    • Rear Right Burner: 2.0kW
    • Center Burner: 4.0kW
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Automatic ignition
  • Total power consumption: 7.65 - 9.1kW
  • Power fuse size: 32Amp
  • Power supply (V): 240V
  • Supply frequency: 50Hz
  • Product dimension (mm):  W896 x D600 x H900 - 930
  • *MINIMUM requirement to fit this appliance (mm): 906

Top Left Cavity Oven:

  • Main oven capacity
    • Gross: 37 Litres
    • Nett :31 Litres
    • Compact oven
  • 2 shelves positions
  • 1 number of shelve
  • 1 full width oven pans with reversible trivet
  • Drop-down door opening
  • 2 Functions - (HEAT rate):
    • Grill - 2.7kW
    • Oven - 1.4kW
    • Variable rate dual circuit electric grill
    • Conventional electric oven
  • Energy rating: A

Bottom Left Cavity Oven:

  • Second oven capacity:
    • Gross: 64 Litres
    • Nett: 54 Litres
    • Multi-function oven for perfect results
  • 6 shelf positions
  • 2 number of shelves
  • 1 full width oven pans with reversible trivet
  • 1 double extending, removable telescopic shelves
  • 1 fan cooling system
  • Oven light
  • Programmable timer
  • Side door opening
  • 13 Multi functions - (HEAT rate):
    • Grill - 1.7kW
    • Oven - 2.0kW
    • Varibale rate electric grill
    • Conventional electric oven
    • Fannced electric oven
    • Defrost
    • Intensive back (top, bottom & fan)
    • Top heat only
    • Base heat only
    • Base heat with fan
    • Grill with fan
    • Slow cook
    • Pizza
    • Keep warm
    • Bread proving
  • Energy rating: A

Tall Right Cavity Oven:

  • Thrid oven capacity:
    • Gross: 94 Litres
    • Nett: 69 Litres
    • With Quad Oven Technology (spilt fanned oven/grill)
  • 8 shelf positions
  • 3 number of shelves
  • 2 fan cooling system
  • Magnetic door catch
  • Proflex splitter
  • Oven light
  • Programmable timer
  • Side door opening
  • 4 Multi functions - (HEAT rate):
    • Oven - 3.0kW
    • Fixed rate electric grill
    • Fanned electric oven
    • Slow cook
    • Keep warm
    • Bread proving
  • Energy rating: A
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