Lets have a small talk session for the below product. We will start with a brief product introduction, its functionality and then move on to some of its specification.




The best quality in coffee can only be appreciated by employing the right coffee machine that are user-friendly, versatile and fully automatic in producing high quality espresso coffee start from bean-to-cup. As an espresso forms the basis of many other coffee drinks - such as a capuccino, macchiato and latte macchiato - it's vital that you master the art. Once you're skilled at making an espresso - and the sublime crema layer - you can make virtually any variation of coffee.



The name Gaggia is practically synonymous with espresso. It was Italian bartender Achille Gaggia's skill and passion to produce the most delicious coffee in Milan that led to the invention of the crema layer – the measure of the perfect espresso. The coffee connoisseur knew there was no singular pleasure in life greater than this diminutive drink: it's visual allure, rich aroma, seductive froth and lingering after-taste. But creating the perfect espresso shot requires patience, precision and practice. Master the art, however, and it will soon become a sacred daily ritual.

With Gaggia, there is no more need for barista training: all barista professional expertise captured in easy-to-operate automatic machines, for a true cafeteria experience at your own pleasure.



Lets us introduce to you the GAGGIA ACCADEMIA, which will make you the real barista able to satisfy any desire of yours, your love one, your family and your guests. Perfect and quick results are guaranteed by two separate boilers, one for coffee and one for steam and water, while the auto cappuccino carafe ensures milky coffees are hassle free to make.


Gaggia Accademia has clean, elgant and distinctive lines that were designed to outlive fads and trends. A skillful combination of materials gives the products a strong, solid appearance; a fingerprint-proof brushed steel front panel, a metal body with an exclusive matte black coating on the sides, and a beautiful polished steel frame and drip tray.



Some of Gaggia Accademia features can be summarised as follow:-


  • Ground coffee compartment
  • One touch beverage selection
  • Programmable dispensing
  • Removable brewing unit
  • Twin boiler
  • Auto cappuccino system
  • Energy saving.
  • Start you new day with a cup of coffee from Accademia.



Other available GAGGIA models