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Liebherr Barrique Wine Cabinet Active Charcoal Filter
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Liebherr BARRIQUE 7433 243-00
Wine Storage Cabinet Accessory - Active Charcoal Filter



  • Prevents odors affecting the taste of wines inside your wine cabinet
  • Removes impurities from the air inside the appliance to ensure its optimum quality
  • Optimal air quality
  • We recommend replacing the Liebherr Charcoal Filter in your cabinet every 12 months


Delivery Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks


All wine storage cabinets from Liebherr Barrique are supplied with an ‘Active Charcoal Filter’ which supplies fresh air into the cabinet. This prevents any odors affecting the taste of wines stored inside the wine storage cabinet. The re-circulated air-cooling system ensures optimal air quality. This is especially important for the maturing process of the wines in the cellar. By changing the air filter in these cabinets every year, you can feel assured that your wine has the best air quality and freshness.


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