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Robam ST10 25L Portable Steam Oven (Freestanding)
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25 Litres Freestanding Steam Oven (Portable)

The Robam ST10 steam oven can steam fresh and fast by just one-button touch to the journey of eating healthy, more nutritious and tasteful foods. It's installation free and is very convenient for you to have the steam oven place standalone everywhere and anywhere that is convenient for your access like on a desktop without you reserved built-in cabinetry.


Main features:

  1. Convenience placement and space-saving without the need for a large kitchen.
  2. Easy operation with ergonomic eye view control.
  3. Save cooking time.
  4. Intelligent design with a large capacity for every steam function.
  5. One-touch access to multi steaming and cooking mode.
  6. 20-preset steam programmes to cater for your every needs that you want to enjoy healthy living.
  7. Leave no water droplets dripping onto the foods especially when you steam buns.
  8. Great for sterilization for cups, bottles, plate and infants utensil set.

Who will enjoy the benefits of using this Robam ST10 freestanding steam oven?

  • Maternity mums.
  • Babies and children.
  • Elderly people.
  • Fitness concept people.
  • Young people and everyone who pursue a healthy lifestyle.

This Robam ST10 is very easy to maintain and cleans. It has a food-grade stainless steel inner cavity. Just wipe clean with any kitchen cloth when required.

With Robam steam oven, the ST10 standalone unit, you can have more valuable and precious time spending with your loved one while everyone is able to enjoy delicious and nutritious tasty foods in each meal.



  • 3-Dimensional steam cooking technology
  • Accurately controlling of every 1º C brings different preferred heat to various food.
  • 360º micro-high pressure steaming covering all dimensions of food
  • 62º ergonomic angle design for comfort view and easy-operation control panel
  • Built with portability in mind for convenient access and easy placement on the desktop, worktop and in the cabinet as a freestanding unit
  • Intelligently designed with a large capacity of the 25-litre cavity for 2 dishes simultaneously cooking
  • One-Touch Access to multifunction cooking mode:
    • Steaming: Tender steaming, nutrition steaming and other modes to retain the original taste of food
    • Keep Warm: Keep food warm and enjoys hot meals even late at night after working overtime
    • Heat Milk: Baby can enjoy delicious food at any time, suitable for glass or plastic milk bottle
    • Defrost: The best defrosting temperature for quick processing of frozen food
    • Sterilize: Equipped with milk bottle bracket to meet the sterilization needs of baby's tableware with one key

  • 20 preset cooking programmes
    • Dishes for Babies
      • P01: Steam Minced Liver
      • P02: Steam Codfish
      • P03: Chicken Porridge
      • P04: Carrot Meat Puree
      • P05: Shrimp Egg Custard

    • Dishes for Moms
      • P06: Steam Pumpkin
      • P07: Steam Chicken
      • P08: Steam Taro
      • P09: Steam Prawns
      • P10: Chiffon Cake
      • P11: Steam Towel Gourd
      • P12: Steam Meat with Glutinous Rice
      • P13: Steam Crucian Carp

    • Dishes for Fitness
      • P14: Steam Chicken Breast
      • P15: Steam Fish Fillets
      • P16: Steam Meat with Rice Powder
      • P17: Steam Sliced Eggplant
      • P18: Steam Broccoli
      • P19: Steam Okra with Sauces
      • P20: Steam Egg with Seafood

  • Capacity: 25L
  • Temperature range: 35º - 100º C
  • Cooking time range: 1 - 180 minutes
  • 2-Hours cooking times in every single water container refill
  • Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Power rating: 1800W
  • Voltage (v): 220 - 240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Current (Amp): 13
  • Net weight: 17kg
  • Product dimension (mm): W530 x H362 x D390



ROBAM ST10 Steam Oven - Steamed Fresh and Fast


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