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Robam 76H1S CYAN 80cm Slanted Ultra Slim Hood (Side Draft Series) - Air Pressure 950Pa
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80cm wide, Wall Mount Slanted Cooker Hood
Side-Draft Slim Series
Super Air Pressure - 950PA



  • CFT Smooth Air Duct.
  • BLDC Inverter Motor.
  • 18cm Ultra-Slim Body.
  • 4D Fresh - Non-disassembly & Wash Free.
  • 360º Coverage Noise Reduction.
  • 18cm Ultra-slim body.
  • "WAVE HELLO"- Gesture Control.
  • Dual Color Lighting - Cool and Warm Lights
  • Maximize Cabinet Space.
  • Option For Recirculation Installation.
  • Best Choice When Looking To Replace An Old Cooker Hood.
  • Easy Fit To Variety Of Kitchen Cabinets Style.



  • 18cm Ultra-slim body design
  • CYAN color designer hood
  • Direct ducting or recirculation installion mode
  • Smart motion control panel 
  • BLDC Inverter motor
  • Easy dismantle and easy clean filter design
  • Air flow rate: 1800m3/h
  • Max static pressure: 950Pa
  • Noise level 44dBA
  • Rated power input: 264W
  • Rated main motor power input: 260W
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Current: 13 Amp



  • Product dimension (mm): (W) 795 x (D) 204 x (H) 457
  • Outlet size: Φ185mm


Product Warranty: 

  • Motor: 5 years
  • General: 2 years


Other Color Option:



Robam 76H1S CYAN Color Ultra Slim Cooker Hood with 80cm width Super Powerful Suction


Robam 76H1S CYAN Color Ultra Slim Side-Draft Cooker Hood with RO-Cyclone CFT duct pathway
Ultraslim Powertec System
CFT smooth air duct, Ro-Cyclone efficient impeller, and Power Nucleus robust motor constitute a core driving force and a strong fume absorbing system.



Robam 76H1S CYAN super thin slim hood with 950pa static pressure for better suction performance
Comfortable Cooking Experience
Equipped with an intelligent drive for more strength in power, a reduction in noise and more energy saving. High pressure suction with 950Pa static pressure.



Robam 76H1S CYAN ultra slim cooker hood with quadruple filtration system
"4D Fresh"Non-disaseembly & Wash Free
With quadruple filtrations with layer by laywer isolation, it's easy to clean with just one wipe. Inner cavity of the hood remains clean longer, with no frequent need to remove for cleaning. (Chinese utility model Patent: 202022730535.8)



Robam 76H1S CYAN slim ultra thin hood with dual lighting system for Warm or White Cool lights
Cool And Warm, A Dual Color Lighting
Adjustable cold and warm cooker hood lighting to improve your visual experience.



Robam 76H1S CYAN - slim cooker hood creating more cabinet space
Maximize Cabinet Space
Match with the cabinet to release cabinet space for more effiicient storage.



Robam 76H1S CYAN 18cm ultra slim hood locking fume at optimal grease control zone
Optimal Grease Control
Help to lock the air borne, smoke and fume at 315mm - 415mm from the source (grease control zone) for an optimal fume removal and completely eliminate all cooking fume before the smoke starts to spread.



Robam 76H1S CYAN 18cm ultra slim hood with an option for external charcoal filter option for recirculation mode
Option For External Carbon Filter Installation
Good option and best choice for an under-cabinet slim and thin yet elegant cooker hood design that results in high performing cooking fume extraction for recirculation installation. Powerful oil filtration and fume removal plus an aditional internal air purifying recirculation for the kitchen.



Robam 76H1S CYAN 18cm ultra-slim body for personalize your ideal kitchen design
18cm Ultra-Slim Body Design
Break the traditional stereotype design with this Ultra-slim aesthetic cooker hood that many household have been waiting for this type of cooker hood. Creating a "personalised" fashionable kitchen space.



Robam 76H1S CYAN ultra-slim cooker hood with double noise reduction design
360º Coverage Noise Reduction
Integrated annular volute matrix noise reduction design, with high-efficiency noise mitigation material. Double noise reduction to provide you an enyouble cooking time.



Robam 76H1S CYAN with smart control by waving your hand to operate.
"WAVE HELLO" - Operation Gesture Control
Operate and control the extraction speed just by waving your hand and enabling you to cook with ease. Waving from left to right for standby and low speed. Waving from right to left for strong extraction and stir-fry mode.



Robam 76H1S CYAN ultra-slim hood with many installation method
Flexibility As An Option - Variety Kitchen Cabinets Styling With Elegant Slim Hood
You have plentry of option when come to this Slim-Hood installation. Allow for plain and solo hood installation without a cabinet on top of the hood. Or direct hang the cooker hood as under the cabinet installation or just install as semi-embedding cooker hood with the cabinet. Absolutely ideal cooker hood with beauty yet powerful cooker hood for anyone thinking to change their old cooker hood. Friendly reminder: You have the options to go for WHITE, CYAN or BLACK slim-hood color.



Robam 76H1S CYAN color with elegant and powerful ultra slim hood


Robam 76H1S CYAN 18cm ultra slim hood specification and parameters


Robam 76H1S CYAN installation diagram for the cooker hood


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