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DE&E HA926 90cm Chimney Hood (Slanted) - (Air Pressure 830Pa)
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DE&E HA926
90cm wide, Wall Mounted Slanted Hood
Super Air Pressure - 830PA



  • Intelligent boosting (auto-sensing airflow)
  • Patented BIONIC WING-LIKE impeller
  • Single gesture control for speed and on/off lighting
  • 30 minutes automatic-self cleaning (every 60 hours circle)
  • Intelligent locking system
  • Removable bottom glass panel
  • 3 minutes delay timer
  • Stainless steel oil collector
  • Patented unique magnetic filter
  • Digital panel
  • Option for re-circulation mode



  • Unrestrained airflow: 2050m³/hour
  • Maximum static pressure: 830Pa
  • Rotation per minute: 1800rpm
  • Noise level: ≤ 55dB
  • Full sealed Inverter DC motor
  • 3-level speeds control
  • Grease separation rate: 98%
  • Odor decrease rate: 97%
  • Supply power: 262W
  • LED light power: 4W
  • Current: 13 Amp
  • Outlet size: Φ175mm
  • Product dimension (mm): (W) 895 × (D) 425 x (H) 660



dd&e HA926 cooker hood with 830pa super air pressure suctiondd&e HA926 cooker hood with intelligent smart feature like gesture control and ultra silentdd&e HA926 chimney hood with dc interter motor and auto sensing to boosts pressure suction when needed.dd&e HA926 cooker hood with high grease separation and odor decrease rate up to 98%dd&e HA926 cooker hood with automatic self cleaning after every 60 hours cycledd&e HA926 cooker hood with smart gesture controlling suction speed and hood lightingdd&e HA926 cooker hood sensing movement of palm to turn on and off the cooker hooddd&e HA926 cooker hood with patented grease filter for easily clean up and high absorption of fume.dd&e HA926 cooker hood with 72 degree opening of glass panel to make sure no escape of grease and fume.dd&e HA926 cooking hood designed with high suction power but with low noise level.dd&e HA926 cooker hood with 3 minutes delay timer that allow you to remove balance smell and smoke.dd&e HA926 chimney hood design elegantlhy and simple require soft touch on the screen panel to control the cooker hood.dd&e HA926 cooker hood comes with gentle LED lighting.dd&e HA926 cooker hood installed as standalone cooking station.dd&e HA926 cooker hood easily blends to any kitchen cabinet design elegantly.

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