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Teka TR 3400 In-Sink Food Waste Disposer (0.75hp)
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Teka TR 3400
Kitchen Waste Disposer with Anticorrosion Protection
Complete with AIR SWITCH 


This household disposer offers the best of day-to-day convenience and practically in any home. Get rid of garbage & waste wet-food with Teka TR-3400, which is easy to install and use. The waste disposer provides the peace of mind you need by eliminating messy food residue and sending it straight down to the sewage system.

The best reason why you need an in-sink food waste disposer at home:
1) Create a hygienic kitchen environment
2) Quick and easy way to clean up food waste
3) Reduce odours instead of leaving food waste overnight in your kitchen
4) Reduce the risk of insect and rodent problem
5) Reduce landfill dumps and help lessen the pressure on landfill sites.


There is an additional cutter which is located beneath the grind ring, on top and at the bottom of the turntable. These undercutter help to cut fibrous waste into small particles which help in the flow.



  • Black Paint
  • Air Switch ON/OFF system
  • Double Cutters (Top & Bottom)
  • Anticorrosion Protection
  • Silent Block
  • Automatic Rotation Reverser
  • Metallic L-Shape Clamp
  • Air Activated Switch Button Increases Safety Around The Sink.


Technical Information:

  • 0.75 hp
  • 560 W
  • 220-240v / 50Hz


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